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Important Information for Patients

If you need urgent medical advice when the surgery is closed please telephone 111, who will direct your enquiry to the most appropriate service for your needs.

Introducing the "On The Day Team"

We will shortly be implementing a new approach to looking after our patients for all immediate needs
and queries. It will be called the “On the Day Team”. Please click on the following link for more information on this: On the Day Team 

2019-2020 Flu Clinics

If you fit into one of the groups below please ring reception to make an appointment.
 At risk groups

  • Anyone 65 or older  
  • COPD sufferers
  • Asthmatics requiring inhaled steroids
  • Children who have previously been admitted to hospital with a lower respiratory tract infection
  • People suffering from chronic heart disease such as angina, previous heart attack, heart failure or atrial fibrillation.
  • People with chronic kidney or liver disease
  • People who have had a stroke or mini stroke or who suffer from a chronic neurological disease such as MS.
  • All Diabetics
  • Anyone whose immune system is suppressed either due to ill health or medication
  • ALL pregnant women
  • People without a spleen
  • People who are morbidly obese, that is a BMI over 40.

Also if you are in any of these groups you are also highly likely to be eligible for a pneumococcal vaccine to prevent pneumococcal pneumonia. For most people you will only need one injection, however, some will need a booster dose. Ask about his when you attend for your flu injection.

The shingles vaccination is available for anyone aged 70 and who has not previously been vaccinated and people aged 78. For all enquiries please telephone the health centre on 01945 773671

Improved Patient Access - patient feedback requested.
If you have taken advantage of the Improved Access Service (this is where you have attended another GP practice) that has been running for the last 9 months we would like to invite you to take part in a very brief survey. Click here to take part.

Repeat Prescriptions - Important Notice
From 1st  November the time for collection of repeat prescriptions will be 3 working days.  Please ensure you allow plenty of time when ordering your medication.

We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Urine Samples - Important Change of Policy
For clinical safety reasons, we are no longer able to accept urine samples from our patients unless the patient has been asked to provide one.

If you feel you have a water/urinary tract infection, please ask for a call-back to discuss the possible infection first.  If the clinician feels a sample is needed, he/she will ask you to bring one in.
Please DO NOT bring urine samples to our Reception unless you have been asked to do so.
If a patient presents a urine sample to the Reception team, the team has been instructed by the Doctors to check that the sample has been requested.  If it has not been requested, a phone call between the patient and a clinician will be arranged to clinically assess the situation.

We CANNOT accept ANY urine sample that has not been specifically requested.  We cannot store urine samples for reasons of safety and clinical effectiveness.

Improved Access Appointments Now Available
You may have read in the news that GP surgeries across the country are launching a new service to offer additional appointments to patients across evenings and weekends. Upwell Health Centre is excited to announce that we are now one of 21 local GP surgeries who are working together to offer additional appointments to our patients. The additional appointments are now available at our hubs in Terrington St John, King's Lynn and Swaffham.

Email Requests
We endeavour to respond to emails as soon as possible. If we do not contact you within 1 working day please call us to make sure we have received your email on (01945) 773671.
 Important - please be aware that, for confidentiality reasons, we cannot discuss clinical matters or medication requests via email; please contact the Practice directly or take a look at our online services.

Access to Online Services
There are a number of online services patients can access through a secure portal called 'systmonline' including booking/cancelling appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions. To register for this service please bring some photo ID to our Reception team and they will register you and give you a password.

Bounty (pregnancy/parenting club)
You may be aware of a recent fine issued to Bounty, a pregnancy and parenting club, by the Information Commissioner for sharing information with third parties without making the public aware. You can find more information by clicking this LINK.
The Practice takes privacy and lawful use of information seriously and works hard to ensure that our service providers, partners and suppliers are trustworthy and compliant.  Although the Practice is not directly affiliated with Bounty, we have looked into the matter to provide our patients with reassurance.
The Information Commissioner has recognised that the information sharing was an historic practice that ceased before recent changes in data protection law came into force.
Bounty have confirmed that they have stopped selling details of members who sign up and that they have implemented robust data protection practices. They also have a privacy policy that now explicitly states they have stopped sharing data with those data brokerage firms and will never sell member’s information in the future. Finally, they have appointed an independent data expert who will assess Bounty's procedures annually and publish the findings on the Bounty website.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do let us know.

Equality and Diversity
It is our aim to recognise and encourage the valuable and enriching contribution that people from all backgrounds and experiences bring.  We believe that all individuals should be treated based on merit and without prejudice. We provide a service to our patients that promotes equality of healthcare and freedom from discrimination on grounds of age, cultural background, class, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, faith, working status, language, and an individual’s health status.

We believe in fairness and equity and value diversity in all its dealings, both as a provider of health care and an employer. We aim to embed its equality and diversity values into everyday practice, policies and procedures so that equality and diversity becomes the norm for all.


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